Raising My Daughters Self Esteem #GirlsUnstoppable

Tiaras & Tantrums #GirlsUnstoppable

I did not have a great role model in my own home when I was growing up . . . but I did have a fantastic grandmother. She was a wonderful role model for me and I cherish all my memories of her. Now that I am a momma of two beautiful little girls, I want to instill in them the greatest gifts my own grandmother gave to me. Every day I try to show my girls love, safety, nurturing, encouragement and most of all my time {which isn't always easy}.

I make sure I always give my girls my undivided attention. I don't pick them up from school chatting away on the phone as I see so often these days. I leave my phone in the car every single time. I want my girls to see how happy I am to see them because I know they are excited to see me after a long day at school.

I hand out compliments to my girls and I don't withhold praise. I don't go around all day telling the girls how awesome they are. But when they do something awesome - I let them know! My girls both play the violin. When they finally master a really difficult song, they are so excited, relieved and are jumping up and down for tackling this undertaking. I jump up and down too; to show them how proud I am for their perseverance.  This is really important because I want my girls to be able to keep trying when an occasion happens in their life that may be quite complicated.

This goes hand in hand with encouragement I think. While my girls may be struggling with a difficult violin piece, I continue to encourage them, letting them know they will eventually master the song. There are times when they do make mistakes as well, even though they have practiced their little fingers off. And that is okay. We are human, we make mistakes and we fail. But I am always there with a pat on the back and a hug, encouraging them along. It is okay to fail.

My daughters are at an age where they notice girls and women. They point out to me all the time if someone is dressed inappropriately or if they overhear something just as improper. I {try} to model to them my best behavior. I am their voice of reason I guess you could say. I am conscious of what I wear as my girls like to emulate me. I am just as conscious of what comes out of my mouth, because I know when I am not around, they will be saying my words. I don't walk around talking myself down either, because I don't want my girls doing the same to themselves.

I want my girls to be beautiful, strong, capable women and in order for that to happen, then need to recognize and validate other beautiful, strong, capable women. I tell my daughters they are beautiful, because they are. I tell my daughters they are strong, because they are. I tell my daughters they are capable, because they are. I also tell them they are smart and funny and kind and talents and determined and creative and hardworking and persistent and loads of other aspects . . . because they are.

I'm helping my daughters to dream, to plan and to succeed. I'm helping my daughters reach for the stars!

What could be better than hosting a “Just Us Girls” night with your own daughters? I did it and my girls can't stop talking about it. Everyone had manis and pedis and it was so much fun to just sit and giggle with my girls. My girls can't wait for our next "Just Us Girls" night and neither can I! I just need to think of a great idea for our "Just Us Girls" time.

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