Qualities of a Good Mom

Parenting Strengths and Weaknesses are common bonds and common struggles for all mom these days. The strengths and weaknesses of a mom make the title of mom so much richer, enduring, and special. Our strengths make us forget about all the hard or messy parts and our weaknesses remind us not to have an unrealistic view of life.

Qualities of a Good Mom #momstrengths

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” Robert Browning

Qualities of a good mom tend to be an exhaustive list, don’t you think? What are the qualities that make up a good mom today? If there is an all-encompassing list of qualities of a good mom—who made up that list?

Qualities of a Good Mom #momstrengths

I have teamed up with Navy and Arin today for another super fun summer blog series post today. We are all sharing our different opinions and experiences on the topic of Strengths and Weaknesses of a mom today. Be sure to check out how they mom.

Mom, Mama, Momma, Mother, Mommy, Mum, Ma, Mammy, Female Parent, Matriarch — What is the difference?

Qualities of a Good Mom #momstrengths

As moms, we all make huge sacrficies for our families, every single day. We are all navigating motherhood together in various phases and stages of life. We are all basically facing the same struggles and we all have tremendous amounts of mom guilt — the self-inflicted mom-guilt. We all feel judged for every single decision we make in our children’s lives and frankly, we share more similiar life experiences than differences.

What do you find your strengths are as a mom? What are your weaknesses? Do you aim for perfection as a mom or do you just try to stick to what you're good at?

Qualities of a Good Mom #momstrengths

A friend once asked me what I thought were my strengths and I was a bit perplexed by this question. I asked her if I had to have specific strengths and she then stated, well, what are you really excellent at? I literally couldn’t think of a response because I don’t think I am really excellent at any one specific thing or even a few things. I told her that I thought of myself as a Jane of All Things. I’m not really excellent at one specific thing, or a few specific things, but I’m really good at a lot of things.

When I became a mom, my entire outlook on life changed and it continues to evolve as my children grow and change and become the good humans they are supposed to become. My children have become my top priority and the reward for me is knowing I am raising strong, confident, capable little humans. This motherhood journey is all consuming at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Qualities of a Good Mom #momstrengths

“Having kids—the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings—is the biggest job anyone can embark on.” – Maria Shriver

My Strengths as a Mom:

Qualities of a Good Mom #momstrengths
  • I am intuitive to the needs of my children

  • Praising my children

  • I’m super organized and have great time management

  • Handing out appropriate punishment when needed

  • I’m super resourceful

  • I’m skilled at writing and creating curriculums

  • I’m super creative

  • I will always keep trying

  • I’m fun and funny

  • I am self-motivated

  • I don’t freak out about doing things perfectly

  • I don’t let other’s opinions bother me

  • I’m so not a follower

  • I enjoy cooking and baking (really)

  • I really love to spend time with my children

  • I’m up for any adventure

Qualities of a Good Mom #momstrengths

My Weaknesses as a Mom:

  • I am a neat freak

  • I’m crazy organized, like, don’t-like-things-out-of-their-spot, organized

  • Clutter drives me bonkers

  • I can not deal with vomit

  • I speak my mind

  • I am very honest

  • I’m pretty neurotic and worry if my kids are not around

  • I’m a helicoper mom

  • I worry incessantly my children will be kidnapped if I’m not around

  • I am not patient

  • I am not good at imaginative play

  • I don’t like to play board games, card games etc

  • I use the TV/devices to watch my kiddos too often

  • I’m a pushover with my kids and food

  • I really do not like to repeat myself

  • I get irritated quickly with silly things

"This is the mother-love, which is one of the most moving and unforgettable memories of our lives, the mysterious root of all growth and change; the love that means homecoming, shelter, and the long silence from which everything begins and in which everything ends." —C. G. Jung

Qualities of a Good Mom #momstrengths

Seriously, though, I don’t let these “things” define me. I don’t get discouraged when I see other moms playing dolls with great imagination because I know I don’t excel at that, but I do excel in other areas. I don’t strive for perfection, because that is so unrealistic. All moms have flaws, all dads have flaws, all humans have flaws and I’m so okay with this.

Motherhood is all encompassing for me. When my husband and I decided to have children . . . I didn't 'decide' to stay home . . . I simply could not leave. I became a SAHM and that was okay with me (actually, more than okay). I am the stereotypical mother . . . chef, maid, laundress, driver, therapist, teacher, coach, doctor, disciplinarian, mediator, craft coodinator, mentor, seamstress, play date and most importantly . . . a mom . . . a good mom.

I can't say that what I am doing is right or wrong. But I do what feels right for me and what makes me most happy. I cherish the moments where I can say to my children, 'I love you . . . you make my heart sing . . . do you see my love for you'. I'm a blessed mother

Qualities of a Good Mom #momstrengths

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