Plethora of Gifts

I had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!

I didn't get to sleep late, BUT, I did get a good night's sleep.

Hubbie gave me a reprieve from his snoring and slept in son's room.

Kiddies slept with me, so I slept great!

I woke up to a pot of coffee (doesn't happen too much in this house), so I was happy for that.

Children woke up a bit later and were ready to give me my plethora of gifts!

Hubbie did really well this year!!

I received candles (told you) and 2 new cookbooks (can't wait to try some recipes out), 3 bags of (good) chocolate (of which~ one bag my son consumed and I didn't even get one piece!), a necklace, a bracelet (from son), loads of bath stuff and lotions (not pictured because daughter had already taken them upstairs and bathed and lathered up!), homemade gifts from son and daughter (made at school-very precious), some hat boxes (perfect for scrapbooking storage) and a pair of earrings (CZ's of course, because I cannot be trusted with the real ones!).

We later went to a delicious brunch at the Westin! The children enjoyed face painting and a balloon twister there. My son ate one marshmellow and one strawberry dipped in the chocolate fountain (argh). It was a fun time!

I had a wonderful day yesterday and did feel very special!

I love my children and my husband and they made a great day for me!