My son is the victim of a bully!

I have to tell you something: My son is the victim of a bully now!!!
He has been roped into this bully's ring and set up! Not only is this kid a rotten apple, but he's a liar!

I went to pick up my son from school today and a mother says to me, "I hate to bring this up to you but my son has been complaining for months that your son and Bully are picking on him". Literally I looked at her and said, "My son, my son?" (the other kid, I can believe b/c he is the devil's child - that kid is pure evil and it shows right on his face). She's like "yes", and I said, "MONTHS????" she said, "yes, he comes home saying he is getting hit". So I said, "well, I will talk to my sonb/c we won't tolerate bullies, but I don't think my sonwould hit your son, and I really wish you would have said something MONTHS ago". In my head, I'm thinking is this really happening right now?

This other kid, Bully, oh Lord, I have never seen a more evil child. This kid is just HORRIBLE - so naughty! He was at my son's b-day party and I swear I wanted to shake that boy senseless. His parents just sat on the side while this kid practically started a riot! I am NOT kidding!!!!!!! He was pulling the girl's hair, throwing popcorn, he climbed ON the gift table when my son was trying to open presents and would not get down nomatter how many times I asked him (I finally physically removed him from the table). Just awful! He has bullied my son all school year long, hits him, pushs him in line. We have told my son time and time again to stay away from this Bully. We told him, if he sits by you, get up and move to another spot. That seems to have worked for awhile. From what my son tells me, the Bully makes his rounds to each child in the classroom. Son tells me right now he is picking on so and so. I told son to stay out of it and to worry about himself.

Sothe children are coming out, I gather my son - the mom gathers her son. We go outside and she says to her son, 'what happened last week'. So he says 'you punched me in the back' to my son. My son says, 'I didn't , I wouldn't hit you, I never hit you'. So the mom says, 'who hit you, was it my son', and the kid says no, then she asks, 'was it Bully', the kids says 'yes'. So I explain to my son that her son's feelings have been hurt and that he needs to be nice to him, and they shake hands. So then she says, 'well we called the principal and he was supposed to take care of it today".

I was in such a fog that this was even happening I have to say. My son ??? Really???? My son who didn't even speak until he was 3 years old? My son who is so timid he barely talks now? My son who won't go anywhere unless I go with him? My son, who is the highest scored child on the national school tests. My son who is in the accelerated Kindergarten program??? Just strange to me.

So we get in the car and I ask my son some more questions and he pretty much lets me know that he never hit the other boy and that he and the other boy never play together. I ask him if he saw Bully hit the other boy and he says no. I believe him, with my whole heart! He would never lie to me, I know this because he says next, "mom, I was naughty to the other boy once and took a toy from him that I wanted to play with". I said, did you hit him, he said no. I asked him how long ago this was? (Like a 6 year old can really tell me) and he says when there was snow on the ground. (well it has snowed her a lot this winter and spring, so it could have been recently. But is this being a bully? I think NOT! I think this is being a 6 year old!)

So then I ask if the principal spoke with him and he says yes!!!!!!! ARGH - to the principal in Kindergarten already! I was devasted!!!! So I asked what the principal says. He said, 'not to ever do that again'. I said, 'that was it. He says, "it was a long talk but I didn't know what he was talking about and I can't remember anything he said". My son then told me that Bully accused him of hitting other boy and he said that he didn't, but Bully says, I saw you??????

So now, I get what is going on. This little shit Bully is roping my son into trouble so he doesn't get into any. Please tell me how a 6 year can figure out how to be that devious so young? Because I know my son can not!

So I tell my son that I believe him and that I think Bully is lying to get out of trouble. I also think that the other boy's parents are pushing names on him to get to the bottom of what is happening (as they should). But I think my son got roped into this.

So I call my son's teacher once I get home and she said that she defended my son. Stating that she never sees anythng of the sort from my son. How could she? My son sits and does nothing in her class!!! He never even talks, she told me so herself! Then I call the principal. He said he was happy that I called, it shows that I am interested in my child's life??? Like a parent wouldn't call???? He said that he felt that my son was being truthful and that Bully was not.(he is an authority - 30 years as a principal) Good, but is he going to tell the other boy's parents this? Not likely.

Now, I have this mom thinking my son is picking on her son, and no matter what I say now, she won't believe me. Which I totally get. But to no fault of his own, my son is getting into trouble from the real bully! Aghhhh! So frustrating. I can't believe this is happening.

I'm still upset and glad school will be over in a couple of weeks and even happier that this Bully is not going to this school next year. Neither is the other boy for that matter. So that is good!