Playing with Clay






It actually works! It seems to be fairly high quality - its plastic but seems durable, not flimsy. It comes with quite a few special tools, both for decorating and for aiding in shaping and/or centering so that your child can actually have some success.

It is very entertaining and at the same time lesson learning. You can spend hours playing with this. Sculpting, and reshaping. Nothing has to be perfect here because it is all for fun. Even deciding how to paint the items leads to more imagination. The machine is easy to clean (if you do it right away) and the clay doesn't take very long to dry at all. The machine itself is small so it is good for small hands and it stores well.


Pottery Wheel is great for every little budding artist. I let my little "artists" lose with the wheel and my 7 year old was able to make a decent small bowl - he's pleased with the result. My daughter LOVED to "spin" the clay!

One aspect that I especially love about the Pottery Wheel is that this is a sensory integration activity my son. SIP children just think they are having fun when they are actually working strenuously at building essential skills with their bodies and better neurological systems while playing with the Pottery Wheel.

We love the pottery wheel and would buy more as gifts for my friend's and family's children.


ps: don't ever leave your 7-year old son alone with clay encrusted hands . . . not even to go to the bathroom . . . he will follow you and proceed to flap and slap his hands together all the way from the kitchen table to the bathroom . . . . and in the process, completely splatter every surface of your house in his path with a smattering of little white clay spots.