Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair #ChicagoWorldsFair


My family and I are lucky enough to live near a fabulous city, Chicago. We benefit from many things Chicago has to offer us and one of the greatest is the museums. My children love The Field Museum and pretty much have the layout memorized. However, we had yet to visit the The Field Museum's exhibit of Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair.

We are huge fans of fairs and considering Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair happened to have been the larget fair in Chicago like ever, we were super excited to see this exhibit.  I downloaded the Field Museum Tours mobile app  prior to leaving in order to provide my family with extra information about the exhibit and items found in the exhibit itself. The Field Museum Tours mobile app is free for the iPhone and Android. Once we arrived at the museum, I quickly connected to the “FieldMuseumWifi" for the best performace whilst visiting the museum that day.


Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair exhibit has more than 200 artifacts on display through September 7, 2014. My family and I were able to imagine what it would have been like  to experience the excitement of the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition. This was one of the greatest events in the history of Chicago 120 years ago.


Once the 1893 World's Fair concluded, many of the exhibits were either sold or donated to the new Field Museum. We were able to see a small selection of these exhibits on our visit. The Field Museum was born out of the World’s Fair. If there was not the Columbian Exposition 120 years ago, we would not be able to benefit from the museum's collection of 25 million specimens and artifacts today.


The World’s Fair was held in Chicago’s Jackson Park in 1893 for six months in 200 buildings on 600 acres. People from all over our nation and world traveled to experience what we now take for granted. The World's Fair brought ancient cultures, never seen technology, relics, taxidermy, instruments, mummies and other amazing exhibits to the visitors who had never experienced anything like this before.


The legacy of the Columbian Exposition of 1893 lives on at The Field Museum in the Opening the Vaults: Wonders of the 1893 World’s Fair exhibit. There is always new research to conduct, new exhibitions to view, and the continued importance of these amazing collections to be displayed for the public.

Wouldn't you just love to run through the basement halls of  The Field Museum though? I sure would!

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I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own. Some images provided by Museum and CCG and used with permission