Loving My JORD Wood Watch

A couple of months ago, my favorite watch broke. I had been wearing it for three years, so it was time, I guess, for it to just give up on me. I wore it every single day, I loved it that much. My husband took a look at it, fiddled around with it and got it working again, for all of about a week. Then is seriously conked out on me. I was sad. I didn't have a spare watch to wear.

I literally can not survive without a watch. Wearing a watch is something I have done for the past three decades. I never took my watch off. I wore it all day, I slept with it, I showered with it, I swam with it. I just didn't take it off.

Finding a new favorite watch can be a difficult task!

Loving My Jord Wood Watch #JORDWatch #wearJORD #BeYou

When my watch broke, I was a bit lost. I forgot appointments. I was late a few times and I was driving my husband bonkers because I kept asking him what time it was. He 'loaned' me the only watch of his that would even fit my tiny wrists. A watch that he received as an employment anniversary gift. It was nice, had a leather band, was a bit big, just like my old watch. But it wasn't something I would ever have selected on my own.

I looked for a couple of months for a replacement and never found anything I liked well enough to purchase. So I continued to wear my husband's borrowed watch. He kept asking me if I had purchased a new watch yet; but I think he was happy I was no longer asking him what time it was. I would occasionally ask him; I couldn't wear his watch all the time because it had a leather band and I didn't want to get it wet.

JORD Wood Watches  #jordwatch #wearJORD #BeYou

Then a couple of weeks ago I saw a new type of watch that I had not looked at yet. It was a wood watch. GORGEOUS! A JORD Wood Watch is so unique that I simply had to have one. I selected the JORD Wood Watch from the Sidney series in Maple & Rose Gold

Loving My Jord Wood Watch #JORDWatch #wearJORD #BeYou

The Maple wood is light in color and blends great with my very fair skin. It is actually really hard to locate watches (or jewelry) to match my fair skin tone; but this Maple wood coloring looks awesome on my wrist. The Rose Gold watch face is so pretty as well. What I love the most is the wood watch is super soft next to my skin and on my wrist. It is not heavy and never pinches or scratches my small wrists.

JORD Wood Watches  #jordwatch #wearJORD #BeYou

The Maple wood used in these JORD watches is from the outer rings of a Maple tree. If you know anything about Maple trees, it is where the sap runs up and down the tree to make the leaves in the early spring. This is where the trees are tapped for their delicious sap and the sap is then turned into Maple syrup. It is also the softest part of the tree.

JORD Wood Watches  #jordwatch #wearJORD #BeYou
Loving My Jord Wood Watch #JORDWatch #wearJORD #BeYou

I adore my new JORD Wood Watch! I have been getting so many compliments on my new Sidney Maple & Rose Gold Wood Watch. This is a powerful statement watch and just looks gorgeous! The best feature of the JORD Wood Watch is the aesthetic versatility. This Wood Watch literally matches all of my outfits and jewelry choices!

Loving My Jord Wood Watch
Loving My Jord Wood Watch #JORDwatch #wearJORD

What do you think of my choice?

Disclosure: I received a Jord watch in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine alone. | #jordwatch #wearJORD #BeYou