Impromptu Mini Concert

I have been so busy this past week I didn't even log on to my blog once. That is terrible. My husband was gone all this past week so I was on my own with the children. While I actually like the break from my husband,  (I happen to think it keeps sparks ignited), I am with the children 100% of the time . . . thus, no time for blogging.

We had a full week of school and fun!

What is it?


Did you know if you look really {really} close you can see people? Guess what this is? {my genius son told me this little trick, among other fascinating issues with this little "it"}

Children Sleeping


This little one of mine refuses (and I mean refuses) to go to bed on her own . . . she has YET to ever sleep in her own bed and has on many occasions told us to simply sell her bed because she never has any intentions of sleeping in it. You know what? I totally believe her! She sleeps with me and has since she was a baby, so she is a night owl, like her momma and won't go to bed. Most nights I lay her in my lap and she falls asleep there until I carry her up to our be. This is a huge issue with my son, who is the older brother, and is simply appalled that his baby sister gets to stay up later than he does. {Deep sigh - what to do what to do??}



Having fun on these bungy cords - all the children did this activity.



This year the windows at Macy's were not that impressionable . . . sadly . . . my kids could have cared less . . .



If you happen to be a visitor in my home, you will hear an impromptu mini concert . .  be prepared!