I Turned 46 This Week UGH!

For some reason, I am constantly scrambling about on Saturday evenings, wondering where the week got off too.

We are certainly busy during the week homeschooling and I could just simply say I don't have the time. But I think the real issue is I don't manage my time as well as I have in the past. Although I have to say that we have all quickly adapted this year and are already in a great groove each day. We are finishing early and with great attitudes.

I have had zero tears this year and Math has been a breeze for my middle child. My son is an awesome 7th grader and after the first week's tiny 15-minute freak period that I should not have let him skip a grade, he has excelled just like I knew he would. He wrote this paper on Friday that had me smiling for an hour. It was FAN-TAS-TIC! He was so proud of himself that I only had to make a few tiny corrections. I was so happy to know this child is listening to me because he keeps telling me how boring Grammar, Lit & Comp are. All my hard work of Grammar drills are working!

My little one is reading at a 4th grade level and I had to skip the 2nd & 3rd grade spelling books completely. She will tell me "Momma, I read 79 pages today" and I'm all "Really, I see your brain growing". You go sister, fill your brain with books.

I adore being a part of my children's learning path. It is exciting to see them excited and I actually wish I would have had me as a teacher growing up! We are having loads of fun already and I can't wait to see what the next couple of months bring us.

happy birthday to me

Something You Wore I wore a smile on my birthday! I'm not too keen on showing the candles on my birthday cake, but . . . . I did have a great day. My family spoiled me and bought me all my favorite things . . . a McD's gift card so I can get my daily coffee . . . or three, Blistek, for which I am addicted to and cherry syrup, which I adore.


Reflection Can you see me in this menu . . . coolest menu ever! This menu was on an iPad and had pictures of all the food!

homemade caramel frappe

Inside Your Fridge Freezing my coffee I am!

unifix cubes math

Daily Routine Math manipulatives are part of my daily routine . . . you wonder why . . . . I homeschool.

Mexico City images

Morning I was out for a morning stroll recently and this was my view . . . I was attempting to be very inconspicuous to capture this photo . . . I think he was just being polite as I was clearly not.