I Have Canon 7D Now!

Black and White I finally purchased a new camera. I have been saving for what seems like forever. I'm so proud to say that I purchased this with my very own money!  Loving my new Can0n!


Travel This little guy didn't want to stay on the table and kept running off. The children were in fits of giggles trying to keep him up on the table.


Silly Playing with all the new borns here is fun and silly. This is our second year hatching baby chicks and this year has been a test for all of us.


Spots These little guys crack me up. If you peek your face in their bin, they stand at attention ready to peck you if you reach your hand in there. It doesn't hurt at all, in fact it is quite hilarious that these little chicks think they are so fierce. Look at their eyes, just daring me to take their photo.

Paper After about two days my kiddos noticed this little guy getting pecked at and stomped on by the other chicks. We pulled him out to see what was the problem and discovered that he couldn't walk. His toes were all cramped together and one of his legs was all wonky. So we taped his toes apart on pieces of cardboard for a couple of days and taped his legs together for his spraddle leg. His feet are great now, but he still can't use one of his legs. He hops around on one leg now and the other is constantly held up. We have renamed him High Five because he always looks like he is slapping you five.