Hunt for Red October


Finally – fall has arrived. Crisp air has replaced humidity, a chill has snuck into the early morning, and most importantly, maple leaves are transforming into splendid hues of red, yellow and orange.
With the air fresher than ever, families should remain healthy, right?


Well, not in my house. I am once again battling with the roller coaster ride of sneezes, snot, vomit, coughs, sleepless nights, Motrin, Tylenol, Sudafed, sick kids home from school, washing every single article of cloth in my house, spraying everything down with Lysol, possible strep throat already, oh and a lovely letter home from school informing me that someone has lice at school.

People it is ONLY October 8th!! I can't take this for 6 months!

I'll be sitting on my wood floor tonight because I spent the better part of the day cleaning all my carpets and furniture and everything is wet. That should help with the germs, right?