When girls are better than boys!
The reasons girls are superior to boys (at least between the ages of 6 and 12 – more or less – sort of) is . . . Girls can go either way . . .they can be in ballet class, and they can play softball and nobody cares. They can wear dresses or they can wear shorts or jeans and nobody cares. They can have long or short hair with or without bows and nobody cares. Put a boy in ballet class or put him in a dress or put pretty pink ribbons in his hair and he is ridiculed. It’s a dual standard: girls can be anything they want. Boys have to be boys.

So, here is my girl, stealing the balloon away from 'the boys' time and time again. She ran those boys out and still had more swiping to master. There were three boys, all older than she and she was the Balloon Princess that afternoon and happy to let those boys know it!