How many nights a week do you actually cook?

Question of the day here . . .

How many nights a week do you actually cook?

For me, this is easy. I cook everyday.

Sometimes, that being once or twice a month, on a Friday night,
we will go out to dinner with the children. But, since my children are so
gosh-darn-picky-eaters . . . the restaurant is either T.G.I.Fridays or Chili's.

We have a routine, my husband and I. Enter the restaurant, sit down.
The children take turns getting to sit by momma, so this is prearranged to offset any arguments. As soon as a server approaches, order drinks and kids meals, if we know what we want, we order at this time as well. Food arrives, eat. I go outdoors with the children and hubbie plays.
Done. In. Out. No screaming. No crying. No Tantrums. No Fuss.

Would I like to go out to dinner more often. Perhaps, maybe, without the children, someday.
But for right now, I cook everyday (almost).

So, pals, How Many Nights A Week Do You Actually Cook?

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