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If you are looking for ways to confirm you are no longer funny, just head over to for confirmation. Moms eventually lose the thing that made them funny.

It's sad, I'm telling you. The confirmation stage, I know, I'm in it. My little brother told me a couple of weeks ago that I had lost my spark! How sad is that?! I think it is time to find my spark again! NickMom is giving me the gift of laughter on the path to my spark.


No one ever tells you when you get married to say goodbye to your former self. I'll be honest with you though and I’m telling you right now, just look in the mirror on your wedding day and say “bye self – it was nice knowing you". Because that is exactly what happened to me.

My brother had just married the year before, had a baby and was having such a great time.  A friend of mine had also recently married and they were having a great time together too. Another friend of mine got married and proceeded to have four babies in a row and they looked like they were have a blast. That’s what I wanted.  A husband, babies and fun! #MotherFunny #shop

What all these friends didn't tell me was they were big fat liars!

MAY2007 058.jpg

When did my life become so predictable?

Well, have a baby, and then have another. Oh, go ahead and have one more while you are at it! That was what I did. I had a baby before my first anniversary and lost my sexiness and coolness all on the same day. It’s sad I’m telling you. Because in my heart, I’m still sexy and I’m most certainly still cool and fun. But with each new baby born, more of my spark disappeared.

I haven't been to an adult movie in years. Do they exist any more? I never get to eat my dinner before it is stone cold. I've learned to eat my dinner in two minutes flat in restaurants before I have to locate a napkin, cut someone's food or jump up quickly because someone spilled their drink in my lap. I'm certain this is why I have chronic heartburn and acid reflux all the time.

Do you remember when you used to get all dolled up in your little black dress and eat the most fantastic food with the man you adore? Nope? Me neither! I can't even remember what French food tastes like. I used to have margaritas with my gal pals every Wednesday. It was our night to eat, drink and flirt. I think I forgot how to flirt. #MotherFunny #shop

You know kids really do suck the sexy right out of a gal.

I always prided myself on being a lively redhead, but once that baby popped out of me and started suckling on me for food, that sexy redhead was lost in swollen boobs. It took me awhile to get my swagger back, but eventually the fun redhead did come back. For awhile, but then I had another baby and you know it started all over again. So what's a NickMom to do? 

So what about you? Have you lost your spark?