Before AND After

I'm still have laptop woes, but they seem to be flip flopping from one laptop to the next. It is quite aggravating. My son is still grounded from said computers too. Right?

We had a trip to the ER yesterday . . . my son was limping around here for over a week and his leg just never seemed to get any better. I looked at it this morning and it was very swollen and he had a huge bruise running down the side of his calf AND there was this strange lump under his kneecap. Naturally, my momma brain starts working in overdrive and we all head to the ER to figure out what is up.  Son is fine, tor tendons, which the Dr said is common for boys his age. Who knew?

My daughter is having a great week now though . . . she got her braces off today! She has only had them on since last March, which seems like such a short time to wear braces. However, she did have a rapid platal expander and retainer for an entire year before the braces. But, her smile is gorgeous. I was so pleased. She thinks she looks like a beaver. Go figure?