Fall Families with Netflix #StreamTeam

I have been at a near running pace since school began back in August. We have been going no-stop for the past few months and I am so looking forward to the holidays in a couple of weeks.

Fall Families with Netflix #StreamTeam

My children and I love this month because we travel back to my home state and visit with my extended family. It is a most joyous week. During the holiday week, we all gather together and eat and laugh and remember and look at photos and watch movies together. Basically all our hearts are filled up with love and fun. 

During this holiday week, my children have the time to spend with many generations of my family. My aunts and cousins are their cousins all come together and we get to explore everyone difference and similarities. My aunts love to introduce my children some of their favorites, which I have been familiar with for a long time. In the same respect, my children get to introduce some of their favorites to their great-aunts and their little cousins. 

There are so many titles available on Netflix this month for the entire family to enjoy. I know my girls have regularly enjoying Tod and Copper in the The Fox and the Hound 2 and I know they will want my aunts to enjoy this great classic with them.

Tod and Copper in the The Fox and the Hound 2

Fall Families with Netflix #StreamTeam

My kids are huge lovers of animals, all kinds and shapes. My aunt is also a huge animal lover and her farm has all sorts roaming about. The girls are going to introduce her to Martin and Chris from Wild Kratts and I know their little cousin is going to love them too!

Martin and Chris from Wild Kratts

Fall Families with Netflix #StreamTeam

Netflix original, "VeggieTales in the House”

Fall Families with Netflix #StreamTeam

Everyone will be fostering their friendships with the all-new Netflix original, "VeggieTales in the House," which starts streaming Nov. 26. We can't wait to see the new adventures Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and all the other veggie friends have as they explore new areas of their wondrous house.


These days it is really difficult to keep our family together as we are all so spread out in the nation. When we are together, I was to keep the entire family engaged--together. I am always eager to spend quality time with my kids because we are so busy outside of the home and our family time together is getting very precious to me. Netflix is the perfect melding of the generations of my family!

What are your favorite movies to watch with your entire family during this holiday season?

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