Enjoying Netflix This Cold February in Chicago #StreamTeam

This month has been brutally cold this winter here in Chicago. On February 1st we had a snowfall of 19 inches and the groundhog warned us we have six more weeks of winter. Thankfully, we have a new original special Netflix show and two new Netflix original series premiering this month!

Mako Mermaids

Mako Mermaids on Netflix #StreamTeam

The mermaids are back: Season 2 of Mako Mermaids, a Netflix original series for kids, started streaming on Friday, February 13th.  Three mermaids try to reverse the magical merman properties acquired by a human boy named Zac in this "H20" sequel. Make sure to give your little mer-fans a first look at Season 2 this month on Netflix!

Ever After High

Ever After High on Netflix #StreamTeam

This animated series, Ever After High: Spring Unsprung, follows the sons and daughters of all the famous fairy tale characters we know and love as they decide whether to follow in their parents' footsteps. Ever After High is a boarding school for teens destined to follow in their famous parents' fairytale footsteps. Only this is high school, and that spells drama. You can find Apple White, Daring Charming and Blondie Lockes, as they embrace their "happily ever afters," while others, like Raven Queen and Cedar Wood, choose to rewrite their own stories -- which could change the fate of every one else at school.

Ever After High, Mako Mermaids and many other Netflix titles have the amazing message to teach our children to create their own destiny and follow their dreams. Since we are stuck indoors with this brutal cold weather I thought the girls would really love to have some fun with a themed craft. I have loads of scraping materials, so I let the girls have fun creating scrapbook pages all about their own dreams.

Scrapbooking With Your Kids

Scrapbooking pages for kids
Scrapbooking pages for kids
Scrapbooking pages for kids
Scrapbooking pages for kids

Streaming on Netflix Now

Need more ideas? Here are a few other ways to get your kids' wheels turning.

Streaming on Netflix for your little kids:

Octonauts on Netflix #StreamTeam
Justin Time on Netflix #StreamTeam
Sid the Science Kid on Netflix #StreamTeam

1. Build and fix things: Handy Manny
2. Make a discovery: Sid the Science Kid
3. Walk on the moon: Justin Time: Blast off!: S1E13
4. Explore the ocean: Octonauts

Streaming on Netflix for your big kids:

Fame high on Netflix #StreamTeam
Gabby Douglas on Netflix #StreamTeam
Cupcake Wars on Netflix #StreamTeam

1. Make sweet treats: Cupcake Wars
2. Get into show biz: Fame High
3. Represent Team USA: The Gabby Douglas Story
4. Master the kitchen: Chopped

And streaming on Netflix for teens and parents, and one of mine and my husband's favorite shows with Anthony Bourdain:

Wahlburgers on Netflix #StreamTeam
Parts Unknown on Netflix #StreamTeam
Liz & Dick on Netflix #StreamTeam

1. Get the corner office: Undercover Boss
2. Travel the world: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
3. Walk the red carpet: Liz & Dick
4. Run my own restaurant: Wahlburgers

In your house, how do you encourage your kids to forge their own paths?


Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement as a Netflix #StreamTeam Member. All opinions are my own. #NetflixKids