End Of Summer Fun

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♥ School So our first week of school is over and I am happy to report that it was smooth sailing {with only a few small gusts huffing away at the poppets}. My son has settled into the new school year without a bit of a hiccup. My little one was only slightly frustrated this week in her transition to first grade and a not so easy curriculm{I've actually been giving her some second grade work as well, but I know she can handle it}. My middle child . . . my amazing independent girl . . . my child with the most vivid imagination . . . who does not want to be contained and can't be bothered with sitting in a chair at school . . . is not too happy to have to sit and read information that has nothing to do with horses or dragons. This will be a bit of a struggle for her, this transition to third grade. As you know the changes between second grade and third grade are quite drastic. But she will muster through, my tough girl.

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♥ Rule of Thirds This was a busy week for me and, naturally, I am always on the fly with everything! I'm not a great planner {although I used to be and have lost my brain since having children} and to actually, cognitively, think ahead about all the photo prompts is just not something I can ever seem to accomplish. Thus, I look through my photos each week and hope and pray I have something that works. Here's my take from the block party of my son getting sprayed by the firemen.


♥ Side Profile My gorgeous little one with her trendils of hair flying about her face.

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♥ Small My son and a neighbor pal tossing about a small water balloon in a competition at the block party. They came in third!

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♥ Motion The favorite part of the afternoon was when the firetruck appeared with some local firemen. At first the children were able to climb up and on and all over the fire truck and then the firemen got the hose out. What a treat on a very hot afternoon! The kiddos on the block were having so much fun. I was so pleasantly surprised to see the rainbow in my photo!