Cranberry Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules are so easy to make at home once you know all you need is ginger beer and your favorite vodka and a few other ingredients. Learn how to make the best Cranberry Moscow Mule cocktail! 

Cranberry Moscow Mule

The Moscow mule is a cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. It is usually garnished with a slice of lime. It is also sometimes known as a vodka buck. The Moscow Mule is also usually served in a copper mug.

A few years ago we were on a family vacation and my brother and sister in law introduced us to Moscow Mules. My husband was instantly hooked on this new drink and has been a huge fan ever since. Over the holidays last year I decided to put a twist on the mule and add some cranberries that I had leftover from holiday food making.

I came up with the Cranberry Moscow Mule and now my husband is torn between the two and can't decide which one he likes or enjoys more. This drink is even better if you get ambitious and sugar your cranberries. My husband really prefers the cranberries this way, but I don't always have the extra time to make the sugared cranberries. (Plus, everyone eats them in about 90 seconds!)

Cranberry Moscow Mule

While we don't usually have fresh cranberries around, I do normally have fresh limes and premium vodka. I have to say this straight off that this drink is really not good, not even great unless you use premium vodka. I'm not a drink snob in the least, but bad, cheap vodka is, well, just bad. Do yourself a favor and splurge on the good stuff!

Cranberry Moscow Mule

Cranberry Moscow Mule Cocktail Recipe

Squeeze ½ of a lime into a copper mug. Add 2-3 ozs vodka and 2-3 ozs cranberry juice (not cocktail juice) fill the mug with crushed ice and stir well. Pour in 6 ozs of ginger beer and garnish with the lime, fresh cranberries and fresh mint leaves.

Cranberry Moscow Mule


  • 2-3 ounces premium vodka

  • 2-3 ounces of cranberry juice(IE: NOT cocktail juice)

  • 6-8 ounces of ginger beer

  • slice or two of lime

  • fresh cranberries

  • optional: 4-5 fresh spearmint sprigs

Cranberry Moscow Mule