Conair Curl Secret Tutorial #ConairCurl

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Conair Curl Secret Tutorial #ConairCurl #shop

I'm lucky enough to be born with naturally curly hair. However, some people are not so lucky and need a bit of help. One of those people is my own daughter. She wants curly hair, wants me to curl her hair and begs me to teach her how to curl hair. I have discovered the perfect secret to curling hair: The Infiniti Pro Conair Curl Secret automatic curling iron. My secret is out and so it the Conair Curl Secret!

Conair Curl Secret

When I would curl my daughter's hair in the past, she would end up in tears because it would take so long. I would begin on one side of her head and by the time I would finish on the other side, the curls I began with were no longer curly. I would be hot and my fingers would be burnt. My daughter's ears, forehead and neck would have tiny burns and her hair would really not be that curly at all. 

Conair Curl Secret Tutorial #ConairCurl #shop

Before: straight hair. Now, the revolutionary Conair Curl Secret does all the work for me. No more twisting, turning, winding or wrapping strands around a scorching hot curling rod. No more hot curlers tangled in her hair. No more burnt fingertips for me. No more straight hair.

Conair Curl Secret Tutorial #ConairCurl #shop
Conair Curl Secret Tutorial #ConairCurl #shop

It is super simple to use. Simply take a small section (about 1/2 in to 1 in) of clean, brushed hair and place the chamber where you would like the curl to begin, close the handle at this spot. Let go of the section of hair and it will automatically feed your hair into the curl chamber. The styler will emit four beeps to let you know your perfect curl is ready. Release the handles and gently pull the section of hair away from your styler. You will now have a perfectly spiraled curl. With the setting, you can determine the shape of the curl, from tight to loose.

When the handles are clamped together, a squeeze-activated rotating motor feeds hair around a heated barrel located inside the head. It has two different settings—one for temperature (400 degrees or 365 degrees) and one for time (8, 10, or 12 seconds)—that determine how tight the curl will be. The Curl Secret also has a built-in safety feature to prevent hair from getting stuck in the device.

Tiaras & Tantrums Conair Curl Secret Tutorial #ConairCurl tips: 

  • Wait for the blinking red light to remain solid
  • Begin with clean, brushed hair
  • Work with 1/2" - 1" sections (longer hair may require smaller sections)
  • Position hair in styler with the opening of curl chamber facing towards head
  • Clamp handles, hair will automatically feed into the curl chamber
  • Hold until four beeps signal hair is ready for release.
  • Open clamp handles to release curl (do not pull with clamps closed as this will flatten the curl).

Watch my how-to video for instant tendrils.

My experience with the Conair Curl Secret has been amazing. It has made my life so much easier. It has saved me hours and hours of torturing my daughters with curling irons or hot rollers that simply do not work. I no longer have burnt fingertips. Additionally, the Curl Secret creates long-lasting curls. I curled my daughter's hair (as pictured above) and the next morning her hair was still curly!

The Curl Secret is nothing short of a miracle in my house! With two young girls with very long hair who love and adore to have gorgeous tendrils, the Conair Curl Secret is no longer a secret because I plan on telling everyone!

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After: I just used the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret. I used the low setting on 10.