So this week the challenge was to pick our BEST closeup photo . . . our very best. This was so hard because I have a handful of favorites. The funny thing is that all my favorites are of my daughter. Not my son, my the baby, just my daughter. For some reason, she takes the best closeups. Her face is just perfect when I frame it in a camera lens.


I had a hard time picking the one I loved the most. But here is the one I chose, it was taken last week on Mother's day outside in front of our house. She has a handful of worms which you can not see, which is so her.

I love this photo the most and I edited it 15 different ways . . . I am not sure if this is the BEST editing job. I loved this one and a B/W one as much. But chose color over B/W. I love to see how red her lips are. I wish I had that much color in my lips these days! Her eyes are so chocolate I could just melt right in them!