Christmas Tree Picnic & Christmas Traditions

I have started a couple of Christmas Traditions for our small family of five that I must keep up now or my little poppets will be ever so disappointed. We love to celebrate the Holiday Season with a Christmas Tree Picnic as one of our favorite Christmas Traditions.


I'm still desperately trying to get in the holiday spirit this year. If my children have anything to say about it, I will be all full of merry and silly and cheer in five days! I've been super busy with non-holiday tasks and I think this has kept the spirit from sinking fully into my heart.


In addition, I've been battling with my Asthma this year on a level that is simply and slowly killing me! (not really, but really, it is) I also have a serious case of acid reflux and the two together are giving me some fierce headaches and heartburn. My meds have been switched up a couple of times in the past few weeks and making me a bit wonk-a-doodle!


My littles simply adore nutcrackers as much as I do. Where ever we go they are searching out new nutcrackers and begging me to purchase 'just one more'. My son turned 11 a week ago and we had a small celebration at home. I'm really trying to to tailor down the birthdays as my children grow older. Now to get grandparents on board with this idea. I know everyone always says this, but where the heck did 11 years just go?


One of the holiday traditions I keep alive is the countdown of Advent. Last year I purchased these adorable little buckets and placed a small treat or gift in each bucket for each day of Advent. This year I simply did not want to get the kiddos a trinket for each day because out home is full up of trinkets and toys. Instead, I opted to print out personal messages for the little to read each day. Some days there were adventures, some days were simple tasks, one day we were to decorate a gingerbread house and today was a picnic by the Christmas tree.


My children were so overjoyed by the idea! The picnic was so lovely and peaceful. My husband put on holiday music and the girls were dancing around while eating their picnic dinner. My husband even commented that he missed these picnics, letting the children know that I used to have picnics prepared for him and I all the time "before you were all born".

When the Christmas tree is up, simply place a blanket near the tree, turn off the lights and turn on your tree lights and have a picnic. Soft Christmas tree lights, great food and a special people to enjoy it with!