Celebrate All Things Spring

Happy Spring! It’s a bit difficult to decide if it is actually Spring here in the Windy City.  We did just have some snow a couple of weeks ago! But we are beginning to defrost. The warmer weather is coming and will soon be filling our days. I have compiled a list of all the fun in store for us this Spring.  Add some of these fun activities to your Spring and create some fun memories!

marianospicnic (86 of 1).JPG

Have  Picnic:  The sun will be shining brightly at noon and what a better time to take your lunch on your deck dining al fresco. If you are out and about you can dine outdoors at your favorite cafe. Better yet, pack up a lovely blanket and a picnic and have a great afternoon with friends and family.

Favorite Past-time: If you happen to have a forgotten hobby or favorite activity, now is the time to pick it up again. If you have always wanted to learn to play the piano or take voice lessons, now is the perfect time to make it a priority.  As for me, I may actually finish a piece I have been needle pointing for the past couple of years.

Create Your Favorite Frappe or Smoothie: Spring is the perfect time to create your new favorite drink.  Test out all the amazing fruits and veggies for a delicious smoothie. Anything to kickstart your morning or unwind after a hectic day.  As for me, I'm happen with my favorite frappe everyday!

Add a Pop of Color to Your Closet: If you are anything like me and gravitate towards greys, navys and blacks, now is the time to perk up your closet. I need to add some color to my spring wardrobe and make some room for new pieces that pop.

Spend the Weekend in the City:  We didn't have time to take a full on spring break vacation this year as the kids schedules are just so-jam-packed. But, we can make the most of a weekend and head to the city. We happen to live so very close to one of the most amazing cities in the nation. My kids love to take the train downtown, skip to  a museum, walk along city streets and enjoy a great dinner.

Remember to live your days beautifully this spring by making the most of each warm day! What are your plans for this Spring?

About Tiaras & Tantrums: Rese is a mom of three. She enjoys home educating her kiddos, taking photos, and traveling the globe. Rese is a family lifestyle photographer and home educator. Connect with Rese on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. Sign up via email for the latest updates from Tiaras & Tantrums.