Bunny Hops


Beneath Your Feet This little one scurries about beneath our feet trying to escape any hand that comes near him. Literally, we picked the moodiest bunny on this planet. He nips at anyone that is sitting somewhere he wants to be. He will nip at you if you pick him up. One must be wearing armor to hold this fluffy rabbit. Every time I try to feed him, he goes after me like I am an intruder (well, I am, but I just want to feed the little stink bomb). But, he's so cute, we just endure his bad mood and try to sneak in snuggles when we can!


Capturing Movement This little one is in love with horses, anything to do with horses. Her entire life revolves around horses. She pretty much 'trots' around all day imagining she is riding a horse or that she is the horse galloping around. It is precious! We have switched barns as the old trainers just weren't that focused on my girls. The new trainer and barn are fantastic! We love Miss Katie!


Texture The kiddos have been outside pretty much all day and night long of late. The weather has been fabulous! We live near a forest preserve and have a number of ponds right across the street from our house. So you can imagine the number of animals that migrate onto our property. Right now, frogs are the animal of choice to hunt out and "rescue". This particular one, Twlight, caused many, many tears to be shed as I told the children he would be much better off on his own.


Face Your Fears This is a photo of my little brother. {not really so little since he towers over me, but I still say little because he is six years younger than me} He lived with me for a number of years as a teenager and we remain very close. He's had a rough go at life since our father passed when he was just 13 years old. I try to guide him as much as possible, but he is quite determined and stubborn. He's going through a really rough patch in his life right now. My advise to him is to face his fears head on and just get on with his life. {he could really use some prayers right now too}


Currently Currently, we have one moody rabbit, one skittish parakeet, one freed toad, one freed baby toad, 25 chicken eggs set to hatch in five days and ten monarch caterpillars that we found on milkweed plants in the forest preserve. {we had twelve. but I accidently squished two little ones as I was coaxed them onto new, fresh leaves}. Want to come visit the Tantrum's zoo?