Best Plans for Smart Phones for Tweens

If you are searching for the Best Plans for Smart Phones for your Tweens, Walmart Family Mobile has some great options for families, for your children, for your parents or even for yourself. Walmart Family Mobile has Walmart Best Plans for Mobile phone plans for smart phones for tweens.

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Tweens happen to be very tuned into the newest, coolest status symbols around, and a smart phone is obviously one of coolest gadgets to have. My own tween son is at the point where he is off quite a bit with school, activities and his friends and I don't really have a way to keep in contact with him. Up to now, he and I have been staying in touch by utilizing his iPod Touch and a texting app. However, this only works if he is near free wi-fi. We needed to search for the lowest priced unlimited plans for a smart phone because using his iPod Touch was not always the best tool for keeping in touch. Thankfully, Walmart has the best plans available for my family.

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This unconventional maneuver we have been using to eliminate a cell phone bill has come to an end. I thought our use of my son's iPod Touch as a makeshift smart phone was a pretty smart strategy. My very resourceful son was making calls via speakerphone or using a Skype app over a Wi-Fi internet connection. However, the iPod Touch was not built with the intention to use it as a smart phone. We have been at the mercy of free wi-fi because texts only worked when he was connected to free wi-fi. We were in need of the cheapest wireless plans that included unlimited talk text and data/web.

My son is involved in a number of activities and youth groups and I really need a way to stay in touch with him when he is out and about. My son likes to check in with me several times when he is out with his friends and let me know what he is doing and how it is going. It is very reassuring to me to know Walmart has the best plans available through their Family Mobile Plan so I can stay in touch with my loved ones.

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We headed to Walmart and looked over all the smart phones available through the Walmart Family Mobile Plan. There were a number of smart phones in the Family Mobile Plan for under $100.00 and I was happy my son selected a smart phone that fit in our budget very nicely. My son decided on the very economical Evolve phone, which retails for $79.00, for his Valentine's gift.  We did not have to sign a long term contract, nor do we need to pay a monthly fee on top of an expensive monthly bill for an expensive smart phone.

The Walmart Family Mobile Plan has a variety of smart phones that will fit any budget and there is not a lengthy, expensive commitment. I was able to purchase an extended warranty for an additional $7.00 and this fabulous warranty will cover any accidentals for two years. I know how easy it is to crack these wonderful smart phone screens and I was happy to pay the $7.00.

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In addition to how smoothly we were able to purchase a smart phone at Walmart through the Family Mobile Plan, it was just as easy to setup our new account and activate the smart phone. Literally within moments of logging on to the website and entering the activation code, my son's new Evolve was up and running. He was so delighted!

The new Evolve smart phone is in my name and I was able to set up the parental controls. We also purchased a data plan, so I wanted to ensure my son would not be able to access any adult content on his new phone. I was very pleased with the ease with which I could set up the smart phone online. I have complete access and the monthly statement will be delivered right to my email address.

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My son has a wonderful new smart phone and he was so excited he told his sister that she could use it when she goes to orchestra practice twice a week. This is a gift that keeps on giving. My little one even asked if she could use it when she went to orchestra and my son said absolutely. I have the peace of mind now knowing my children will be able to call or text me whenever they need to and not only when there is free wi-fi.

Walmart Family Mobile Plan #FamilyMobile #shop

In addition to being extremely practical, like when band or basketball practice lets out early, having a smart phone can help me easily get in touch with my children in case of an emergency. I have an extra sense of security now and I know my children will as well. The Evolve smart phone has a GPS tracker so I can easily find my child when I need to. My children will be able to stay in touch with me and the #FamilyMobile made it all possible.

If your tech savvy tween is hoping for a smart phone for Valentine's Day this year, Walmart is the perfect spot to select economical smart phones and stretch your tax return dollars, #MaxYourTax, into the perfect gift for your loved ones.