Bad Words Become Bad Words when Used in Bad Ways

Explaining bad words to your young children. Because Bad words become bad words when used in a bad way.

My son is my first born child. My son is an amazing little boy. My son is brilliant. My son is 9 years old. My son is in 3rd grade. My son is naive. My son is sweet. My son is innocent.

My son is growing up . . . and I don't like it.

While I was driving home from picking up my son from school today I looked into the rear view mirror. My eyes meet my sons and he said "Mom, is dick a bad word?"

{wow I think, already - okay, be cool, you can do this?}

"Well, Dick is a man's name or sometimes it can be used as a slang word for penis", I replied aloud.

My son stated, "Well boy called boy that at school today and I didn't know why, it sounds really weird".

"Yes, sometimes people do call other people that word, but it's really not nice and it's hurtful, don't you think", I said.

As my son's head is bobbing up and down in agreement, "I know . . . Boy told me what it meant and I didn't believe him".

And I am not surprised that 'boy' told my son what dick meant since 'boy' has been telling a lot of information to my son this year that I would prefer he not know! Boy is the new kid this year in my son's [christian] class and also lives up the street from us and also can be heard shouting in my back yard "what the" and "son of a ", it's lovely I tell you.


My son after winning the Mathalon this past weekend But, of course, 3rd grade is the age children (especially boys) start snickering at the use of words like wiener, nuts and the name Peter. Such is life, I guess. But my 3rd grader has two little sisters who happen to adore him and love to mimic every little phrase he brings home.

There have been some words coming home that are not necessarily bad words, just not suitable for out of context learning. But do garner peals of giggles from my children when repeated ad nauseam. My motto is bad words become bad words when used in bad ways.

"Fart", is one word that I do not allow my children to utter. Literally, when I hear this word, my spine instantly perks up, I detest this word so much. Anyway... my children say fart, I prefer they say, 'toot' but truth be told they refer to the same thing.... And that doesn't need to be joked about... (but it obviously IS funny to the little ones). Actually should be 'flatulence" shouldn't it? Now that is funny!

"Butt". Oh, this is another word that sets my spine all a tingle. I really can't stand this word used in a normal sentence. Bum, Bottom, Buttocks . . . anything but butt! But, better than arse, surely!

My son is a very loving, well mannered, and caring boy. He is a boy after all and will follow along with his friends doing what he deems as funny and cool. But we remind him to be kind and loving and treat others as he wants to be treated. His actions affect others and he is just beginning to realize this.


I see the innocence slipping away . . . and it makes me sad.