Backyard Safari Outfitters {Review}

Backyard Safari Base Camp Shelter is the perfect summer fun and excitement for all your children. Backyard Safari Outfitters has all the gear your children need for an adventure.

If I hear "I'm Bored" one more time I think I may scream! Really, my son's fabulous words he utters to me when he can't find something to do. He's at that age where he is not having the same type of fun that his sisters are getting from a trip to the park. He loves to get dirty and explore and go on adventures. We have taken to hikes by our creek and oh just let me say, he is in mud heaven.

A box arrived last week at my door stoop . . . a huge box that had my children jumping up and down in excitement. They kept asking "what is it what is it". I replied - "It's toys from Backyard Safari for the summer!" They ripped open the box and we found a plethora of wonderful new Backyard Safari items. My son immediately set to setting up the Base Camp Shelter.


This shelter was easy to assemble and is very lightweight. The base camp shelter has taken up a permanent spot in our toy room. The pockets are full of collectibles and my children sit in it everyday! The Camouflage Netting is a great way to hide from momma as well. The netting is made from sturdy rip-stop nylon that I can attest too since my kids decided to argue over it already!

We also received the Expedition Two and the Mega Magnifier. The walking stick resides by my son almost every moment of the day. His sisters are ever the jealous ones and I know I wil need to purchase one of each of them. This stick is accompanying us on our many hikes down by the creek.  The field magnifying lens is awesome for looking at bugs and ants. The grips are perfect for little hands and let me tell you, when dropped in the creek, it does not sink!

Last year I reviewed more wonderful products from Backyard Safari which are still in high demand in our house. I have since purchased a cargo vest for my daughter and my son and she wear them all the time whenever they are on adventures, indoors our outdoors! We have decided this summer we will be completing expeditions in order to earn patches. ,We are going to have fun adventures and my kid will receive cool collectible patches while they explore, discover, learn, play and develop. And we will do so while being safe. Backyard Safari are very proud of the fact that they have never had a product recall! The different components of the Backyard Safari Outfitters collection make it a great nature play experience for kids to enjoy on their own or to share with family and friends.

If your children utter the words "I'm Bored" once this summer, make sure you stop by Backyard Safari Outfitters to get all the gear they need for an adventure! Make sure to Like them on Facebook and Follow on Twitter too!

Thank you to TeamMom and Courtesy of Backyard Safari Outfitters for the opportunity to review this product. I was not compensated in any manner, other than the review products. My opinions are my own.