Addictions Pt V

My fifth addiction. Cards. Thank You cards. Blank cards. Hand made cards. Note cards. Monogrammed cards. Plain cards. Colored cards. I have drawers full of cards. Cards for every season, every occasion. Enough said.
My sixth addiction: paper. All kinds. Luscious, fragrant, decorative, crunchy, textured, smooth. And things made of paper too. Also have a bit of an obsession with stickers. Thank God I scrapbook otherwise I would never be able to justify this obsession. I have bins full of scrapbooks that my girls drool over!
My seventh addiction: books. There's that paper problem again. But cook books, baking books, cupcake books, more cook books. Must have them all!! Books to read, must be hardback, I abhor reading paperback books!


Eighth addiction and most important of all : creating.

I can't help myself.