Stamped Like A Tramp

This is a real one . . . is it considered a tramp stamp?
It is not the only tattoo I have and it is not the last one that I will get.
I have another around my left ankle, roses on a vine of thorns. I still like this tattoo very much. I was inked there at around age 20 or so . . . I have had it for 20 years and it has fared very well.
What do you think?
The tattoo on my back . . . I'm not liking so much anymore . . . mostly I think because I can never see it. I wanted to get it on my stomach originally but my friend talked me out of it. The same friend who said, "let's go get a tattoo" and she ended up with the tiniest butterfly on her calf! This questionable tramp stamp was inked at age 26. I think I may get it lasered. My husband said he would pay for . . . (but he would miss looking at it too).
The last tattoo that I want to get is of zodiac signs for all my children. I want this tattoo on my forearm. I actually went last summer to a recommended artist and he was such a jerk and told me tattoos were not for me WITHOUT.EVEN.LOOKING.UP! I guess I had SAHM screaming from my capris and Louis Vuitton bag! I have not gone to another facility to be inked . . . mainly because I know that I am destined to have one more baby and I don't want to endure any more pain than I have to. Because let's be honest, it hurts like hell!

(please don't look too closely, I hate to shave my legs in the winter)

Here is a post that I came across at Beautiful! Fabulous!
I thought it was pretty funny as getting a tattoo is such a personal desire and preference.
Would you ever get a tattoo? Do you have a tattoo? Is the tattoo a secret from mom?
So what do you think, am I stamped like a tramp?

Think Before You Ink

Have you thought about getting a tattoo? Do you have one you regret getting? I have just a few things you should consider before deciding to get inked.

* You might think of your future career before you get "HAWT STUFF" on your knuckles. It may seem cool at 19, but when you start teaching piano lessons, you students might look at you funny.

* Tattoos on breast, stomachs, or buns? Just remember three simple words: SAG, DROOP, DIMPLE.

* Research your Kanji symbols. Wearing a long-sleeve in Arizona in the summer is going to be pretty silly looking because what you thought was the symbol for "wisdom" is actually the symbol for "bloated" on your shoulder.

* Your own name tattooed is pretty redundant. If you feel you're going to forget something during a late night out drinking, maybe your home address would be more beneficial.

* Take a clear picture with you of what you want. Your powerful dragon on your forearm may end up being Barney if you don't have the right photo.

* Don't take your children with you to the parlor. Just because baby Joey's birthmark looks like the Target symbol doesn't make it okay to get it colored in red.

Feel free to add more advice if you like.

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