Weekend Review

Dwindling to One . . . Last day of school for son this morning. I’m happy for him, he hates school, the only part of the days he enjoys is gym and Enrichment. Neither are everyday or more than 30 minutes. He has sat around this year, bored to tears, waiting for the rest of the class to catch up to him. As my husband is calling him this morning to leave, my son stand up and walks to the door, shoulders slumped, head down, "School Sucks!" . . . oh, good grief! It is all I can do not to laugh. Hubbie is NOT happy with this remark, or manner of speaking and lets son know right away. Zero days left now and I am trapped at home with three children for 90 days. I’m sure I’ll think of something . . . and I will . . . well, I don’t know what I will do. There’s always summer camp, right? ARGH!!!

Soccer Saturday

. . .

Early soccer game on Saturday. I walked up to the coach for a bit of a chat. My son has been sitting through most of the season, not playing more than 5 minutes – in one quarter! He sits, and sits and sits. This poor child hasn’t even been given an opportunity to play goalie. I approach the coach and state, "I would like to see my son rotated in more this morning". The coach looks at me and replies "well, I don’t know about that" and I say to him, "He is not learning the fundamentals of soccer by sitting on the side". And he replies to me "Well, I like to win" and I state (in COMPLETE SHOCK AND HORROR and PLAIN PISSED off at this point) "all you are teaching him is how to hate soccer". I walked away, I didn’t win, I knew it . . . the guy’s a jerk. In my head I was thinking of about 12 different smart-ass replies that I should have said.

But I don’t want to be one of those moms

. Opposing Team – No Show. ARGH!!!

Possible Pool

. . . my husband wants a swimming pool, my son desperately wants a swimming pool.


. Last year I argued with hubbie the entire summer over not getting a pool. We did not get a pool. I have been bombarded for the past couple of weeks by son and hubbie together now about this pool issue. I am so not for a pool. Son thinks he can swim really well, when he can swim a bit and not well at all. Daughter can not swim, and she tries to be sneaky and lies to me right now, so she can not be trusted at all. Baby, obviously can not swim, enough said there. We have a small little wading pool that I think is perfect. My son is so distraught that I even suggest he swim in this "baby" pool. You’d think I was asking him to eat hot chili peppers! I like one with a slide and small pool combo, but son thinks it’s lame. Hubbie found this pool by Little Tikes

that has a zip cover with a lock. Still not sure. . . I will have to be outside the entire time (just when I am comfortable letting the children play in the (totally fenced in)backyard by themselves) to monitor AND worse still, I will have to get in the pool because I can’t just plop little baby in and expect her to swim about. I hate to swim, I really do. I swam for years and years and years on a swim team, I swam miles upon miles upon miles for hours and hours and hours. I got up very early before all my friends (except those who swam with me) and swam for hours before school, my hair was always damaged by chlorine, I always smelled of chlorine/pool, I was perpetually pruned. I hate to swim now. Swimming all those years ruined me. Don’t want a pool, think I’m losing out on this one. ARGH!!!

. . . while at Walmart looking at swimming pools (argh), my daughter saw this playhouse, fully assembled, and HAD to have it. Baby liked it as well, and son was digging it too. This purchase I was happy to make because I didn’t have to agree to a pool. My husband spent the next three house putting this playhouse up in the backyard. He was irritated to say the least because nothing was predrilled and the cedar was so thin that a lot of the planks kept cracking upon screwing (ha ha, that’s not supposed to be as funny as it sounds). The children LOVE it and with their lovely imaginations instantly started to play Mr. Nevercracker & kids from Monster House. I think this will deter them from a pool until a really hot day. And boy, are hot days coming, I just know it! I know that we are going to get smacked in the face with a heat wave like no other after this cool, wet spring. No easing into summer for us. The heat wave will strike in a moment’s notice. I’m not looking forward to that either. Hot I can deal with, Humid – that’s another story! ARGH!!


. . . for all the baseball fans out there . . . have you been watching the Cubs?? That’s Chicago Cubs!! Yeah cubs! Go Cubs! Yippee for the Cubs!! The Cubs are piling up wins at Wrigley Field! Chicago completed a perfect seven game homestand on Sunday! The Cubs play 23 of their next 32 games on the road. ARGH!