Photo Story Friday

So, we went bowling, I am one of the first parents to arrive since I didn't have to carpool any other children except my own. I went to pick out a light weight ball for son and daughter when I hear over the speaker. "Please wait until everyone has arrived and has their shoes on before you pick a ball". I continued to look, well, because, what the heck, I'm not a child, and I was just looking! Then the speaker comes on and he says "Ma'am, I'm speaking to you" Are you kidding me?? I just waved my hand at him like, yah, dude, I heard you and sat down. How ridiculous I must say. So I sat there and waited for the next 3 mintues that it took for everyone to start pouring in the bowling alley and grab all the light weight balls there were! BUT I SAT THERE LIKE I WAS TOLD TO! We went to get our shoes and naturally, there are no shoes for my daughter because her feet are so tiny. So she bowled in her stocking feet. Yes, her socks are black! I did find a nice orange 8 pound (WTH?) ball for the kids to use. My son bowled well, he scored 101 points! Good for him, I was so happy for him, oh and yes, the bumper guards were up! Daughter did pretty well with the 8 pound ball. It only got stuck once in the lane! Baby girl was having fun laying in the lane, pointing at all the circles. My children were the only brother-sister players (siblings were welcome, but I was the only crazy mom to include a sibling) Why did I do this you ask? Well, I thought they would have fun together and not act like they do at home. Boy was I wrong! Son insisted that he must get the ball for her everytime and daughter wanted to get her own ball. Tiff Tiff Tiff! I had to correct the two of them about 17 times! My children looked like misbehavin' kids! ARGH!! Baby wanted to eat (nurse) and had a bit of a fit when I said we would have to wait. Basically she threw herself on the floor and was practically licking the floor she was so mad, all the time screaming, of course! Second game begins and it seemed that our lanes were the only ones to play another game. Everyone else was collecting their shoes already. But, son and daughter and other classmate wanted to play again (and we paid for 2 games). I had to feed baby by this time, as she was having a major fit, so I moved up to higher seats to shield myself from little peeping eyes! Naturally, daughter gets her finger smashed in between 2 bowling balls as soon as baby gets settled on! Daughter cries and screams and cries and screams and no amount of hugs and kisses or pats will do! At the 7th frame I get up and ask son if he is finished because he and his buddy are the only ones bowling by now, oh and daughter is still crying and screaming. (Me, I'm sweating by now!) Lunch is being served, hotdogs, chips and pop. I don't give my kids pop, they hate hot dogs, and I didn't want them to eat just chips. ARGH!!!!! We walk over to the teacher to say goodbye, past all the fun games and machines with toys (do they do this on purpose to frustrate us mothers??). To the door, and oh joy, it is pouring! Run Run as fast as we can. The only happy moment I had was leaving knowing I was going to my favorite Asian grocery store that was right down the street from the bowling alley. I never go becuase it is just too far from my house. Kids were happy because we could stock up on all their favorite treats that we used to get in China!! Oh, and it's still raining, baby is sleeping (she passed out on the way home), son and daughter are still having little tiffs and yeah, no soccer practice tonight because of the rain! Maybe the game will be cancelled tomorrow too! (yeah I'm terrible)

I had some really cute photos to load, but my camera has a dead battery and I can not locate the charger cable right now.
I'm taking the children bowling today with my son's school class. This is an end of the year celebration for his class and I volunteered to chaperone, as well as take one (unruly) child in my car (I only have room for one more). Shall be an interesting morning! To say the least it tis already, here it is 7:30 am and I am UP, SHOWERED, hair done, makup done and dressed. Baby is up and dressed, just need to get daughter up now and we will be off for hours of bumpers, gutters & giggles!