So here is today's lowdown

I went inside to pick up my son from school. I see the other boy's mom chatting with the Bully's mom. Great I think, today she is addressing the issue with her.

The children come right out.

The other mom walks up to her son and my son and Says - "did you two have any problems today"?

I wasn't standing near, so I wasn't watching until I heard you two , I turned my head and saw that my son was standing behind her son!

She then walks by me and says "well, I guess the talk worked".


How dare she ask my son if there were any problems!!!! Who does she think she is? I made my son accountable, I got other boy with my son and talked about it and brought it all out in the open. I was approachable with the mother - this is so important as it would have been enormously difficult for her to bring this up with me. What right does she have to say anything to my child?

Out the door she goes.

I know this is nothing new in the world, this behaviour, but what is wrong with parents?

I took the Bully's mom aside and ask her if the other boy's mom said anything to her, if the teacher said anything to her or if the principal had said anything to her.

Nobody said anything to her?!!
What the hell is going on I think?

So I tell her everything I know (leaving out that I think her child is a sneaky little shit).
She says she will speak with Bully son and find out the story. She then goes on to tell me this "elaborate" story that Bully told her about another incident last week (not including my son or the other boy).

That child has her snowed!!! I don't know how a 6 year old could be so tricky and sneaky and devious with pure manipulation. But I hope that none of my children ever act like that!! That woman doesn't have a clue how naughty her son is.

But my husband is contacting the principal again to find out why Bully's mom was not notified of the situation and if he contacted the other boy's parents with the results of his chat with the boys.

On top of all of this, my son starts crying on the way home from school when I ask how his day was. I think the stress of all this is too much for him and he had a terrible day today. There were not any seats left at any other tables and he had to sit by the other boy and he was so afraid of getting in trouble from hubbie. (hubbie had a stern discussion last night with son about staying completely away from other boy and Bully).

Usually Bully victims are sensitive, smart and extremely compassionate kids (couldn't choose a better example than my son!), but they can also be unsure about themselves, not physically strong, and other things. My son is so timid and shy, this is actually a huge issue with him. A medical condition. He was in Occupational Therapy for 2 years. So I KNOW my son is incapable of being a bully. He is not made up that way. He cannot be a bully because he will barely touch anything, let alone a person!

This is just so sad. I feel for my son. I just want him to be happy. I told my son what a wonderful, conscientious, GOOD boy he is, with a pure heart and a very smart mind, who knows what is right and wrong and how proud I am of him for being so good to other people. I told him about "do unto others", that sort of thing and told him he will feel SMART and STRONG for understanding this concept. I know he doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about too!

So, I'm leaving this alone. I'm not saying anything to anyone anymore.

I honestly know why parents homeschool!!