My feet are always cold, ALWAYS. I walk around each day with the thickest socks I can find and big thermal slippers. When I am out running errands, my feet are freezing in my shoes. I will blast the heat in my car at my feet to try to warm them up. I am never successful! At bedtime, I put a heating pad at the foot of my bed to keep my feet warm. I will fall asleep with my feet nice and warm. But, of course, wake up a couple of hours later, sweating my body off. I have to get up, turn off the heating pad, take it out of bed, and crawl back in bed. A couple of hours later, I wake up again with freezing feet! The heating pad goes back in bed with me and I wake up again an hour or so later, sweating to the point where I will need to change my pjs and put my hair up (which I don’t like to do because I always get a headache from my hair up). Every night I go through this, it is quite disturbing. My husband thinks I am crazy. I have tried to fall back asleep, but my cold feet keep my awake. I simply cannot fall or stay asleep if my feet are cold. Cold Feet!