Dear Santa ,

Dear Santa,

We stood in line for a verrrrry long time to sit on your (helper's) lap and whisper in your ear what goodies we want you to bring us when you slide down our chimney and leave your (baby powder) foot prints through our house. We were very good standing in that verrrry long line. We were all very polite and only asked for one gift each. We listened to everything you had to say and said thank you when you handed up a free token.

Love, Tiaras & Tantrums children

My kids were so cute visiting Santa the other day . . . the wait was very long . . . but they were all so very good. I was surprised because I had not feed them lunch yet AND we had just come from the Drs office . . . my son, once again, has strep throat. I was proud of the little munchkins . . . no tears, no fighting, no greed . . . just adoration for the old guy in the red suit. AND he was a good Santa . . . real beard . . . very Southern and very nice! He spoke to each one of the children and reminded them when they awake in the morning to kiss their mothers and tell mother I love you. It was quite adorable. My son proudly says, "I DO that, everyday, I get a hug from my mom and I tell her I love her". And he does do this, I am happy to say, each morning . . . big sleepy hugs and whispered I love yous.

So here are the Santa requests:
"Mummy Maker
(request granted)

"A Hopping Frog, that's squishy, that's not real, that hops all over the place, that I can play with"
(umm - still looking for this one)

Baby Girl
"jabber, yammer, jabber, yammer, mummble"
(I think she was nervous and I have no idea what she said, Santa suggested that she was still thinking, which may be the case)

This is what they are really getting from Santa:

Carnivorous Creations
Grow Your Own Venus Flytrap

Archaeology Kit:  Egyptian Pyramids by Thames & Kosmos - click to enlargeArchaeology Kit: Egyptian Pyramids by Thames & Kosmos

Baby Girl

Christmas Classic

Madame Alexander Doll


Breyer Holiday Horse Noelle 700108

Breyer Holiday Horse Noelle

So, have you all shopped for gifts from Santa? Time is passing . . . gifts are leaving the shelves . . . hurry now, don't be late!

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