First malicious, anonymous comment

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WOW - I just received my very FIRST malicious, anonymous comment . . . for real . . . I was so taken aback . . . I could not believe it.

At 6:32 pm tonight on my Christmas Tree Delight post . . . here is the comment:

"your poor husband...that tree is hideous. then to op it all off it is in a room that the color red is as ugly as your fake hair.

when did your taste die? "

I first have to say that YES, my hair is dyed. I never have lied about that and you must have been reading other posts to see my red hair because my red hair was definitely NOT in this post.

But I am a REAL red head, I just need some help these days because I am really gray.

Quite frankly it is none of your damn business though!

Furthermore, you must think that I have great taste to say that my taste has died, so thanks so much for the backhanded compliment! My husband LOVES and ADORES all my delightful decorating, but I am sure he could give a shit about your concern over him!

Additionally, if you are going to leave a nasty comment, at least learn to spell words correctly AND your usage of words and punctuation - tsk tsk!

And Lastly, I know that you came from Petite Gamine . . . and Jillian is my blogging friend and I know for a fact that she would not appreciate you leaving me a rude comment . . . I plan on forwarding all this information to her. I hope she calls you out on her blog and she is not as nice as I with her words!

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And anonymous, you SUCK ARSE!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you come back if you are so"taken aback by the craziness that you portray" and why do you want to look at photos of me if I "look like a clown"????

So WHO is the Clown and WHO is crazy??

Oh, and you still suck arse!

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