Why are Homeschoolers so Weird & Unsocialized?

Children are who they are {mostly} because that is the child's general character, not because of how they are educated.

The things that my children are learning in school are not the same things they would be learning at a 'normal' school.

"But surely, they are sheltered from something by not being in school?" I am often asked.

Well, yes. Yes, they are.

They are sheltered from the dread that comes with having to go to school every single day where they could possibly be bullied, teased by friends or singled out by an over-worked, under-paid teacher.

They are sheltered from being required to sit through a class for an entire year on subjects that are not pertinent to them. (and more importantly, are not in line with our own personal value system)

They are sheltered from spending all day, every day, in an environment that might not be the best for them, in a multitude of ways.

They are sheltered from not being able to have any say in the subjects they learn.

I'm proud to be raising Christian children who are honest, faithful and respectful.

I'm proud to be raising a son who wanted to create a lemon battery just to see if he could light an LED (he did). 

I'm proud to be raising a daughter who loves animals so much she wanted to create her very own rain forest.

I'm proud to be raising a 5 year old daughter who knows who Leonardo da Vinci and what he is famous for.

I'm proud to be mom to three weird, unsocialized homeschoolers! Children with amazing characters who frequently enjoy the company of their friends.