Our Home School Room 2012-2013

I wanted to give everyone a peek inside our classroom for the 20-12-2013 school year. I basically have the same setup as last year with a few additions and some deletions.

CLASSROM2012 (10 of 7).JPG

This is officially our Sun Room turned Toy Room turned Class Room. It is an odd room as it basically has only one full wall. There are two wall that are basically covered in windows and one wall that has a fireplace and two doors. So, not much room to hang stuff on.


As you can see there is a mish mash of furnishings in this class room. When we built this house over a decade ago we never imagined we would be home schooling, but here we are now. Along the back wall there are bookshelves that flank a television. Those unit were purchased when we moved in to this house. We purchased the Billy book cases at IKEA {Billy Bookcase/Benno with height extension and corner solution and tv bench}, I'm not even sure of the color because IKEA doesn't even make/sell this color in this style any longer.

Since these shelving units have been in this room for over a decade, there is basically everthing in and on them. CDs, DVDs, toys, books, board games. They also hold my school over flow such as science stuff{experiments}, past curriculum and manipulatives. I really wanted different shelving unit for this room when we turned thi sroom into a class room, but really, it just sounded like such a waste of money to exchange out the shelving units because I liked something else better.


The children's desks are also from IKEA. {Vika Amon tabletops, Annefors table legs}. Each child has their own tabletop and two table legs to hold all their daily necessities to work. I also have the Vika tabletop for myself that we've actually had for years and years for the child (I simply purchased the longer legs to utilize the desk myself). There is a small table beside my desk that is used for anyone who wants to sit by me for a bit during the day. The children all have the IKEA Jules chairs and love them. I simply use a chair that was once my husband's as a child that I painted a long time ago.

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I know the children's desks do not match, but my son wanted a black desk and the girls did not. I wanted all white for the girls, but my husband talked me out of it for the cleaning aspect. Thus, the girls have tan tabletops and white table legs. It works fine and nobody minds that nothing matches.

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Beside each child's desk is their 10 Drawer Workbox Carts. Each drawer holds a subject. Each night I go through their workbox drawers and set them up for the next day. All the kiddos need to do is go from drawer to drawer until they are finished for the day.  While I like these units and the concept, it doesn't really work for my kids. They still ask me what to do next and let me know when they are finished. 

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Beside my desk to the left is another IKEA Billy Shelving unit that we actually purchased while living in China because our furnished apartment had no furniture. {China did not sell the same color that we had at home, thus again, nothing matches}. This is my working shelf. I place all my teacher's manuals there and all the day to day books are there as well.

Beside my bookshelf is an old changing table (Yep, I totally put it in there). This old unit is from Target and it works, so I use it! It holds paper, colored paper, pencils, colors, more science experiments and basically all our craft supplies.

Along the back wall is a huge white board that we made last year and screwed into the wall. This is a life saver and all the kiddos love it. We usually do our daily math on the white board (one at a time). It works well and was a great addition to the class room.

 I've also moved my scrapbooking shelves and desk into this room to make more surface areas for the chidlren to work on while doing other projects and experiments. Currently though the desk is only serving as a holdingspot for colored pencils, markers and crayons.

There are various maps and posters hanging throughout the classroom to add some atmosphere to the room. But, we do actually use the maps almost daily and the math charts.