I'm cheating a bit today and using some old photos of me as well as new ones. I tried to take photos today of myself, but my children kept jumping in and many giggles and loads of silliness ensued!
. . . this is my reflection in the powder room mirror . . . the room itself is very dark . . . {you do know that darker lighting shows less of everything, wrinkles, wrinkles and let's see, wrinkles}.

. . . and this is a photo of me lying down, my attempt at softness, sort of pulled it off . . . but what I love the most is how different my hair looks with each new setting.

. . . and here is my attempt at YOU today . . . After looking at these up close I realized something . . . I really need a hair cut and dye job! I was tired in these photos and it shows in my opinion. I have terrible insomnia and can not sleep (my hubbie is worried about his job, therefore, I worry more) and below are captures of all the silliness . . .