Winding Down a Path

Tiaras & Tantrums Photography

Here we are in the middle of the month of the new year already . . . I feel rested and revived after the holidays . . . even though we are in a deep freeze in Chicago . . . we are still thriving here at home. We were able to immediately get right back into a great rhythm in schooling at home. The girls are doing so fabulous this school year, working so hard at home and staying engaged and focused. I do hope this continues through May.

I think I have lost a bit of motivation to pick up my camera though . . . as usually happens when I can't get outdoors. I don't enjoy shooting indoors as much as I love to shoot outdoors, natural light and such. It is too cold to get outdoors unless one is bundled up in six different layers of clothing and walking about like an inflated balloon. Everything looks so dead and dreary about here in the winter months. But we are winding down the path of winter and it will soon be spring and I will feel much better about my camera as an arm extension.

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