Why there will be no colored eggs in my house next year!

2 Dudley's Egg Decorating Kits

9 little cups

30 eggs

3 excited children still in their pajamas

1 roll of paper towels

1 beach towel (used to protect my table)

1 video camera

1 rainy Saturday morning before Easter Sunday

1 mother with a perfect french manicure furiously wiping hands and catching rolling eggs

. . . 30 minutes later

1 empty roll of paper towels

2 broken eggs by daughter but replaced but a generous brother, who then broke 1 egg and changed his mind about his generosity

27 perfectly dyed eggs

1 beach towel completely ruined with pink, green, yellow & blue spots

3 sets of pink, blue and purple fingertips

3 ruined pairs of pajamas

3 crying children

1 laughing father1 mother with pink fingertips and pink tipped nails, who declares that next year there will be no eggs dying in this house, who never drinks but thought about opening a bottle of wine and pouring a glass at 10 am

. . . all caught on video to blackmail my children with as they grow . . .