Why Are There Never Any Dry Towels In My House?

Yesterday afternoon, after my shower {and yes, I took a shower in the afternoon because that is when I had a free moment}, I dried myself off with a half soaked pink hooded princess towel. You know the ones -- the ones your daughters run around in pretending to be Cinderella. Frankly, I was not even close to dry after using this towel.

I usually check to see if there are any towels prior to getting in the shower, but I forgot yesterday. I swear I had just completed a full load of towels when I stepped into the shower {I did, they were just still in the dryer waiting to be folded and carried upstairs and put away}.

Recently my dear little daughters have been 'playing' this imaginary game where they are pet groomers or pet doctors or something of this nature. The girls take every plastic bowl in my cupboard {I'm only slightly exaggerating} and fill them up with soapy water and then proceed to soak every stuffed animal they can find in the bowls of water. The girls then find every available towel to wrap the fully saturated, whole-heartedly loved stuffies in. After the much loved stuffies are thoroughly wrapped {and still dripping wet I might add} they grab more towels to soak up all the water on the floor that has somehow spilled out.

I walk into the foyer or the powder room on most days to find sad looking soaked stuffed animals, bowls of soapy water and piles of sopping wet towels. Let me just add these stuffed animals take days and days to dry!

Whenever my mother and father in law come over for a visit I know they are wondering 'why are there never any dry towels in this bathroom' (you know the ones that should be hanging in the powder room for guests to use). I swear I am washing the towels, but I can't seem to keep them dry in my house and certainly not hanging up on a towel bar.

I put towels in drawers and on shelves and hang them up all day long. I can't seem to find the secret to keeping the towels where I place them though.

I find towels everywhere but where they should be. On the floor in the foyer (see above paragraph), on the floor in my son's room . . . usually kicked into a corner and still damp from a shower two days ago. Behind the children's bathroom door . . . don't ask me because I have no clue how they get behind the door. I often find wet towels in my bed, usually discovered when I pull back my covers to crawl into bed for the night {this is my favorite place to locate wet towels}.

Dish towels are a completely different story in my house. I can find no less than five or six out on the counters and tables on any given day. This distresses me greatly. I find no reason for every single person in my house to use a dish towel each time they need to dry their hands. The reason they use kitchen towels is because the powder room never has any dry towels. It is a vicious circle I tell you.

Every time my husband calls me during the day and ask me what I am doing I simply reply 'laundry' because I am most absurdly washing wet towels. I complete about eight to 10 loads of laundry per week. This depends largely on how many times I have to collect wet towels throughout my house due to my daughters imaginations and how many times I have to change wet sheets from lovie stuffies getting tucked into my bed.