When I'm Upset

When I'm upset...


I break out in hives!!!!!!!!!!!


My 10 biggest fears

Drowning ( although I am a very good swimmer, big fear for me, probably because I know how quickly it can happen)


My children being abducted (seriously I am a freak about this)

My car being High Jacked ( it could happen, and I lock the doors the second I get in!)

I'm also afraid of getting mugged...(I won't walk 10 feet to my car by myself at night because I'm so afraid of getting robbed by someone...I make someone walk with me or watch me walk out)

Something happening to one of my children
(this is a theme here . . . very neurotic Momma) 

Of being Insignificant!

Not being the Best Mom EVER ( I already know I'm failing at this) 

I tend to psych myself out a lot... I keep thinking what if... what if a drunk driver was on this road or what if someone is in my house right now... 

Chemical warfare...... 

My biggest fear is when just before I die, I reflect on my life, and I would REGRET a decision. I'm scared that my own smaller fears might hold me back from experiencing life in the most fulfilling way. So I guess in a nutshell, I'm scared of not succeeding in what I envision success to be.

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