What is wrong with me?

I am always cold. My hands and feet are always freezing. Literally, if you touch my hands, they are icy! My feet are always cold, ALWAYS. I walk around each day with the thickest socks I can find and big furry slippers. When I am out running errands, my feet are freezing in my shoes. I will blast the heat in my car on my feet and hands to try to warm them up. I am never successful!

Now that they weather is cold and crispy at night, I am F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G! I have a thermal blanket, a down comforter, and another thermal blanket on top of me at night. I hop into bed shivering and lay there shivering for at least another hour. I can not fall asleep if I am cold. Last year I put a heating pad on my side of the bed for my cold feet. This works fabulously. I think I am going to have to drag the heating pad out already . . . and it is still October!

The issue is that I will fall asleep with this mound of blankets on top of me, shivering to death, I swear. A couple of hours later, I wake up sweating to death, I swear. It is ridiculous! It is a vicious cycle. I toss off the extra blanket, fold back the down comforter and lay there trying to cool off. Takes me another hour to fall asleep. And naturally, I wake up after an hour or so, freezing to death again! Up again, putting the comforter back on top of me, laying the other thermal blanket on me again. Lay down freezing again. Fall back asleep again. Wake up again. Sweating to death! Every night I go through this, it is quite disturbing. My husband thinks I am crazy. He sleeps next to me with just a sheet on, sometimes one other blanket, but that is it. Baby girl is next to me and sometimes I will even steal her blanket for my legs for added layers! She kicks the blankets off all night long.

I am not looking forward to this long winter coming up. November. December. January. February. I don't think I will survive. I simply cannot fall or stay asleep if I am cold. What is wrong with me?

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