What Are You Wearing and more

So today, I am very busy, once again. This week has been a whirlwind of activity for me. At the beginning of the week, I was sick with the flu . . . so sick that I think the muscles in my stomach have been pulled. Literally at one point I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of my head! Not fun! But, what was that quote from The Devil Wears Prada . . . : I'm one stomach flu away from reaching my goal weight . . . hilarious, that is the only good thing about

having the flu. I lost a much needed 5 pounds! Which I am sure to gain back next week I am quite sure!

I am just thankful that I am not cooking on Thanksgiving this year. I think I would be losing a bit of my mind if I were. I have over committed myself with projects at the children's school. There is a carnival hosted by the PTL in two weeks that I got wrangled into volunteering with. (how does this happen). The annual auction solicitation is just getting started and I volunteered for that committee as well (if you were inundated with my tweets this week, I do apologize). This auction committee is funny, parents sign up, yet they don't want to help solicit. Which frankly, I think is the easiest!

I won tickets to the circus this week(it pays to enter these contests) and after thinking we wouldn't be able to go because I only won 4 tickets and then just deciding to wing it and go and buy another ticket, to get downtown to find there indeed was 5 tickets (YIPEE) and wow what an amazing time and my kids slept the entire night and didn't get up and wake me up one single time and I was able to sleep six (SIX) straight hours which I know I have not done in 10 years AND man, were my ever kids cranky the next day. (all said in one huge breathe/run on sentence)

Anyway, this is what I am wearing today, I am going out tonight with a friend for a quick little something (I don't know what to call it since I don't drink). Yes, I do get ready in the morning because I simply do not have time later to get ready to go out. I'm sure I look super silly picking up my children in these boots (don't they look amazing), but I have no choice. Plus, when I look nice, I feel good about myself! And, I am happy to note that my black eye is almost completely faded. I can now cover it up completely with makeup.

long sleeve T-shirt- Forever 21

sleeve-less shirt - Forever 21

jeans - Hollister(Laguna skinny)

boots - Louboutin's (AND they are totally on sale right now)

bangles - 21 (Forever 21's jewelry store)


You can post or just comment . . . tell or don't tell . . . show or don't show (maybe soon you will show) . . . exactly what it is you've put on today!