What Are You Wearing?

It's Friday, What Are You Wearing Today?

The debut of My New Bangs . . . not sure if I like them??

What are you wearing today? (The return!) I haven't done this since December 16th, but, then again, there was the holiday season to get in the way. Anyway, today I'm wearing: A pretty silk shirt under a black wrap sweater (that I adore and has become a bit of an everyday must-wear thingy), and wearing double layers because it is winter here people, jeans that are a size bigger because I have gained so much weight over the holidays and the jeans are actually post-pregnancy jeans(E-GADS!), a black belt and all my favorite jewelry in the world.

I should have put some lipstick on . . . sorry for the ghost skin, but it is very cold here!

Today, join me for What Are You Wearing! (Incidentally, this question sounds faintly dirty to me like when you'd listen to Howard Stern, who has definitely asked many a lady caller what they were wearing and I know this because I secretly listened to him on my way to work years ago. Oh. I Digress).

silk shirt: Discovery $10

wrap sweater: Nordstrom $50

jeans: Old Navy - very old

belt: Target

jewelry: gifts from hubbie

You can post or just comment, I would love to hear all about your fabulous outfits!

So tell, or don't tell, show or don't show (maybe soon you will show) exactly what it is you've put on today.

OK. Your turn. What are you wearing on this gorgeous winter day?