What Are You Wearing?

Today is a cold windy day and I am so sick of this weather!


Okay, now with that out of my system . . . I have on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Very simple and low key as I am doing nothing today except driving my kids to and from school.

I went to the


on Wednesday and am 'trying' out another new medication for my adult acne. So my face is a mess.

My right eye tends to get an ulcer and I have been putting these drops in my eye that dilate, freeze(for pain) and medicate it.

Look closely, it looks pretty weird.

Going outside in the light is torture!

I put BedHead gloss in my hair to help all the stray hairs lay flat with the others . . . instead I have very slippery hair. Not liking that product to much!

I hate my bangs . . . but I hate showing my forehead more . . . wrinkles be gone please!

If I push my bangs off my forehead . . . they look like McD's arches!

Does anyone else have this problem?

Happy Friday everyone and Have a Great Weekend!