What Are You Wearing?

So, I have not done this in quite awhile and I am going to show a couple of photos of what I have been wearing lately . . .

It has been really hot and humid this week . . . which I don't mind really . . . I will take heat over cold any day of the year! But, my hair gets so poofy when it is humid.

So these jeans I bought for $25.00 . . . the best bargain ever . . . True Religion jeans and I adore them. I feel so skinny in them. The only issue I have is that because I am so short, I usually purchase 'short' jeans, but did not have the option with this bargain pair, so they are too long


I have to wear heels with them. Some may think that you can not wear orange with red hair, but I happen to love this color of clothing next to my hair!

$25.00 True Religion jeans

$10.00 shirt Forever 21

old belt

$4.00 sandals from Kohl's

This dress is also from Forever 21 and I adore it. But once again because I am so short, it is too long. Additionally, since I have nothing up top to hold the dress up, I was nervous all day wearing it. I found an old bra in my drawer that I removed the straps from, but I still could not "hold" it up. ahh the joys of being small. The dress itself is very comfortable and I felt super sexy in it!

$30.00 dress Forever 21

And lastly, this is me in my bargain bikini from Target. I found this little number on the 70% sale rack and each piece cost $4.00. I wasn't sure if my laying off the chocolate peanut butter cups and chips and dip was paying off . . . but I think it is!

$8.00 swimsuit

We have been at the pool everyday this week and I have so many freckles!!!!!!!!!

That is where we are heading now.

Have a great weekend.

I am off to Iowa tomorrow to visit my brother for the day. First time alone away from my kids since they were born. I'm sort of starting to have a bit of a panic attack wondering how my hubbie will do. I wanted to take baby girl, but hubbie told me I was leaving her home.(humm?) I think he has something to prove to me. Let's just see how many calls I get tomorrow (laughing out loud here)