We ♥ Tooshies



So I wanted to think outside the box this week for We ♥ Tooshies . . . since I always take photos of my children. I am sitting here trying to edit the photos that I took earlier in the week to decide which I like the most. However, my husband decided today that he needed to complete an entire system back up on my computer and it is still running! Thus, my computer speed is at about one quarter what is normal for me. (I really get aggravated at slow computers so I am a bit frustrated at the moment)

Anyway back to my photo . . . I think I need to explain this photo a bit before you take a peek down below. Last week I was playing fairies or princesses with my little one, I can't recall exactly what we were playing at the moment. However, she was still in her wings and I decided to get in the shower . . . AND a light bulb went off in my head . . . here's to thinking outside the box. I had a brilliant idea to throw the boa that I had just tossed on the floor and wrap it around my waist.
I grabbed my daughter, put the camera on a timer.
Fairy princess ~ Tooshie style!
Now, I really hope I do not get deleted this week because this was simply a spur of the moment photo and not meant in any way to offend anyone.

And frankly, I should get extra points for putting my arse up on my blog! HA!