We Are Winding Down

This has been a busy week for us as we finish 'officially' finish up for school and head into summer school. The weather has been playing tricky tricks on us as well this week. Rain, sprinkles, lightening, thunder and very little sun. I can't figure out what is going on this spring.

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I was actually able to get my son to agree to take a couple of photos for me. {t takes loads of coaching these days as we enter the pre-teen years} He even smiled for me - a rare treat indeed!

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I'm letting my son take a two month break from his guitar lessons over the summer months. He works so hard during the week and I've decided to let our music schedules relax a bit for June and July.

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The girls had their last violin lessons for the school year today as their violin teacher travels and plays during the summer months. My daughter will be auditioning tomorrow for a area orchestra and she is extremely nervous. I know she will play splendidly!

I took the children to the city last week to enjoy our wonderful sights and the children had so much fun playing and splashing around at the Crown Fountain. They literally were soaked through and through and this silly momma didn't think to bring a change of clothes. Thankfully, there were some discarded pants and a skirt in the car as well as our jackets. They road home half dressed and wrapped in towels. It was quite hilarious.

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