Walking on Frozen Water

The weather in this area is always quite dreary this time of year. The sun never peeks its lovely face for us to see and the days are endlessly dark and cold. This month has been different. January has seen a huge fluctuation in weather and I simply don't know what one day will bring because it is so much different than the day previous.

Last week we had bitter cold that simply settled into your bones and you only wanted to lay under a massive piles of blankets with a heating pad on high underneath and never crawl out {at least I am speaking for myself}. My children on the other hand love nothing more than to venture out in the deep freeze and explore all that nature has to offer in her frozen state.

We are fortunate to have a creek right across the street from our house that runs right in between neighborhoods. It is a lovely area to explore at any time of the year. However, it is especially more adventurous to children when said creek is frozen solid.


It was a mere 12 degrees on our little trudge through the snow and ice that afternoon.